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2024 Graduation and Promotions Info

Congratulations to our incredible Class of 2024! We're so proud of all of you!
Here's a complete list of our 6th grade promotions and Graduation ceremonies. Come celebrate our graduates!

πŸŽ‰ 6th Grade Promotions
Thursday Jun 13, 2024
πŸ’œ C. Roy Carmichael Elementary
5:30pm on the Library Lawn
🧑 Greenville Elementary
6th and 7th Grade Promotions
5pm in the Cafeteria
πŸ’š Chester Elementary
6pm in the CES Gym
❀️ Quincy Elementary
6pm on the Upper Terrace

πŸŽ“ High School Graduation Ceremonies
Friday, Jun 14, 2024
πŸ’œ Portola Jr/Sr High
5pm at the Bob Wise Memorial Stadium
❀️ Quincy Jr/Sr High
6pm at the Feather River College Football Field
🧑 Greenville High
7pm in the Quad
πŸ’š Chester Jr/Sr High
7pm at Chester High School Football Field
A weekly highlight of the programs of Plumas Unified School District and supported by the County Office of Education.

School Calendar

Jun 12

Senior Banquet

Time: 6 PM – 8 PM
Location: Willie Tate Memorial Gymnasium
β€œEducation is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”
- Albert Einstein

District Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to collectively inspire every child in every classroom every day. We ensure an exemplary education with diverse opportunities and we accept no limits on the learning potential of any child.