Parent Resource Center in Development and Informational Workshops Available to Support Parents Needs and Interests

The Pupil Services and SELPA Department, headed by Laura Blesse, at Plumas Unified School District, is developing a new Parent Resource Center and is currently offering parent workshops in Quincy, Portola, and Chester to aid in meeting the needs of students and their families within Plumas County. Jennifer Kimball, the PUSD Special Education Instructional Coach, and Patty Llamas, the Bilingual Parent Liaison, are helping put this resource center together by creating a network and database of knowledge and resources for parents to tap into to get support.

Published on 5-10-18
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School Nurses Help Create Healthy and Thriving Learning Environments for ALL students

There is a common misconception that the role of school nurses only includes the occasional first aid duties and caring for kids with a cold or the flu. Yet, the truth is that the responsibilities of school nurses are critical to monitoring and maintaining healthy and thriving schools. School Nurses are foundational to making public education available to every student, regardless of any and all pre-existing health conditions and circumstances.

Published 3-29-18
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Meet the Foreign Exchange Students in PUSD Schools

Every year, Plumas Unified Schools welcome foreign exchange students from all over the world. Historically, Rotary is the host organization that facilitates these exchanges. Rotary both organizes the international students exchange and host families here in Plumas County, as well as offers students opportunities for summer and yearlong exchanges abroad. This year we have two foreign exchange students hosted by the Rotary Club, one at Chester Jr./Sr. High School and one at Portola Jr./Sr. High, as well as one student at Quincy Jr./Sr. High School hosted by a private company.

Published on 3-28-18
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Career and Technical Education Incentive Grant Transforming and Enhancing Career Technical Opportunities in Plumas Unified!

Plumas County students will soon have new opportunities to expand their career technical skills with thousands of dollars of state-of-the-art equipment and classroom upgrades, happening in every Plumas Unified School District (PUSD) high school.
Purchased with funds from the $700,000 Career and Technical Education Incentive Grant (CTEIG) awarded last year, the new equipment, supplies and facility remodels are designed to enhance learning and better prepare area students for success.

Published on 2-15-18
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Portola High School Student Stella Baty Performs in the World-Renown London New Year’s Day Parade

The London New Year’s Day Parade is an annual tradition in London, England, drawing a street audience of over 500,000 and viewed on TV by nearly 300 million people worldwide. Every year the parade is made up of thousands of performers representing dozens of countries around the world. The 2018 Parade boasted cheerleaders, dancers, marching bands, acrobats, and more, for a total of 10,000 performers from 20 different countries. Stella Baty, a senior at Portola High School, was among the 10,000 performers.

Published on 2-7-18
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Teacher Feature - Robin Adrian-Murray

Here in Plumas Unified, we are a family, an educational team that supports, honors, and celebrates one another. To support this culture of honor and staff recognition, the Education Matters section will now have a monthly teacher feature to highlight the phenomenal work of our passionate educators.
This month we would like to highlight Robin Adrian-Murray who has worked for Plumas Unified for over two decades now. She started working in the Portola High School cafeteria in 1996, became the cook manager a few years later and has stayed with the school district ever since. Two years ago she took on a larger role in the classroom, transitioning to the position of Culinary and Garden teacher.

Published 1-31-18
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21st-Century Classrooms for 21st-Century Education

Part of moving towards 21st-century learning is creating a suitable 21st-century classroom that creates a conducive environment for collaborative, student-centered learning. 21st-century education emphasizes the integration of technology, student-driven learning, and collaborative work.

Published on 1-3-18
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