Makerspaces Drive Student Innovation and Creativity

When students are given the tools and freedom to think, decide, explore, question, fail, and believe that what they think, design and create, has no limitations, learning transforms from a linear exploration of knowledge, into a creative catalytic experience that pushes innovation and inspiration forward. Instead of offering answers, makerspaces supply questions. The curriculum is student directed, experimental, explorative, open-ended, and centered on Socratic discussion.

Published on 12-14-16
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Keeping art education alive in a rural area

The distance digital arts teaching program, which is currently established to deliver quality art instruction to Portola High School and middle school students, was first initiated at the start of the 2014/2015 school year. During that fall of that year art instructor Danielle Frid, who had previously traveled daily between the Quincy and Portola school sites to teach at both, took a leave of absence from Portola. That same fall the Chester/Greenville art teacher resigned. Due to the difficulty to attract qualified part-time art teachers to such a rural area, PUSD/PCOE faced a dilemma, cut back on art instruction or find a feasible alternative.

Published 11-16-16.
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Helping Hands PUSD’s November Life Skills Outing

This month marks the third outing of the newly created Plumas Unified School District (PUSD) monthly life skills outings, for students in 7th-12th with moderate to severe disabilities. The purpose of these outings is to encourage independence and teach functional life skills that will help the students care for themselves after they graduate.

Published in November 2016.
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